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Fforest Timber Engineering Limited take pride in working alongside other industry professionals engaged to produce various design projects for their clients.  Whether the project is an extension to an existing home, a completely bespoke dwelling imagined by the client and brought to life through an architect’s expertise and experience of drawing plans or a new public building such as a school or hospital, Fforest Timber Engineering Limited can provide an engineered solution for swift, environmentally friendly and economic construction on site.

With the use of modern communication technology the swift exchange of information, combined with inter-usable programs such as AutoCAD, allows Fforest Timber Engineering Limited to work directly with the Architect’s drawings for an accurate interpretation of the design requirements for your development. 

The design office at Fforest Timber Engineering Limited has designers with 20+ years of experience with many different and complex designs, translating them into workable solutions for our timber engineered products, whether it is a complicated trussed roof or a full structure for a timber frame building, Fforest Timber Engineering Ltd can offer a cost effective solution.  We welcome architects and other industry professionals to any of our design offices to discuss your ideas and would also invite you to take the opportunity to tour our factory (Swansea only) to view our products being manufactured.  If you would like to discuss a project with a view to using our timber engineered products, please do not hesitate to contact one of our commercial staff who will be happy to arrange an appointment.


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