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Attic Trusses are a simple cost effective way of introducing more space to an existing property, a new build or extension.

 Attic Trusses are also known as ‘room-in-the-roof’ trussed rafter.

There are many advantages to using attic trusses - as well as providing the additional room space you require for your home, attic trusses offer a quick and easy installation giving you cost savings on site.  Attic trusses offer a prepared roof ready for tiling and a floor ready for floor-boarding.  Attic trusses are specifically designed to accommodate the loadings required for domestic living.  Attic trusses are factory assembled and offer a consistent quality, which would be required on site.  Attic trussed roofs can be designed with openings for stairwells, roof-lights and dormer windows where attic trusses would be nailed together on site to provide support for any openings that may be required in the roof design.  Attic trusses would not require any restriction to the ground floor layout as they can span onto the external walls.

(Unless there is an exceptionally large span/floor loading required, when some intermediate support would need to be provided).

Do you think Attic Trusses could be an option for you? Please contact us for further information or send us your plans for a free quotation.  We will look forward to hearing from you!

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