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Solid Timber Joist Living Roof

Joist Roof

Sold timber joists are used to create a living roof.

The Location

Gower Wildflower Centre. Blackhills Lane, Fairwood, Swansea

Main Contractor

Complete Build Wales

Unique Issues

  • Green Roof consisting of Natural Sedum, Cornflower, Corn Camomile, Corn Poppy and Corn Marigold.  This Sedum and cornflower mix was used to blend in with the natural environment.
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps, 120m of 32mm diameter pipes are buried around the site to produce heat and domestic water.
  • Macerator /  Bio-digester /  Reed Bed.  More environmentally friendly than a septic tank and requires very little maintenance.
  • Air Permeability - 1.44m³/hr/m²


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